Latest Developments

Oct. 22 Announcement and Pending Panning Improvement

We have encountered an issue with a “blue overlay” appearing on the map when panning rapidly.  We have reproduced this overlay with Internet Explorer and Firefox, but NOT with Chrome.  Should you encounter it, the overlay disappears if you click on the blank section below the “Find Wells by” area of your screen.  We are working on resolving  the overlap and improving the panning generally.

Oct. 20th Improvements

We updated wellTriever today with a few improvements:

  • Sample Reports and Graphs were not rendering correctly.  If you encountered issues with the reports please revisit them.
  • Sign up and log in will now return you to the page you were looking at when you chose to sign up/log in.
  • When an area of the map has an intense concentration of wells at a high magnification level, the number of wells shown was limited.  We now use Well Concentration Patterning to avoid this limitation.

More developments coming soon.

See found wells in context: Well Concentration Patterning 1.8

Today we released v1.8 of  Well Concentration Patterning. Found Well are placed in the context of all wells drilled so that drilling patterns become apparent. All unique wells can be accessed by zooming in.

Seeing wells in context has always been the heart of wellTriever. However you could only see that context when you zoomed in on the map.  Well Concentration Patterning is about showing you information about wells even when zoomed out on the map.  In v1.8 we help you see the wells you’ve found with Find Wells by and show unfound wells to provide context as you move  around on the map.

You can see this feature at work with Find Wells by Oil in AB.