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Dec 3: Surface Loc. & Multiple Completions


Our Well List is grouped by Surface Location

UWI & Surface Location Background

All wells have both a Surface Location and a Bottom-Hole Location. The Bottom-Hole Location governs the designation of the Unique Well Identifier (UWI) for each well.  Oil & Gas well assets are bought and sold based on UWIs. When wells are “mapped” based on Surface Location, there can be a number of UWIs associated with a single Surface Location. wellTriever’s Well List is grouped by Surface Location (now in the well “Pop-Up”) so that multiple completions (UWIs) in a Surface Location become clearly evident. In the Multiple Completions example, there are six UWIs associated with the single Surface Location:  09-04-001-17W4.


A well Selected in the Well List

wellTriever’s map shows the surface location for all of Canada’s 800,000 Oil & Gas wells. It also lists each well’s UWI. As many of those wells are close enough to other wells that they appear on top of one another on the map, we’ve made some significant improvements to the Well List to deal with Wells on top of Wells. When you’ve selected a 1000 or less wells, the Well List appears on the left hand side of our app and now:

  • The background colour of the Well List is alternately shaded so that UWIs at a single Surface Location stand out.
  • When you click on a well spot on the map, we highlight that well in the Well List so you can immediately see if there are other wells at the same Surface Location.
  • When you click on a well in the Well List, it “pops-up” on the map making the communication between the Well List and the Well Map bilateral, i.e. when you click on one, the other responds.

See Multiple Completions

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