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Heat Maps for Selected Wells

westoilThe primary purpose of Heat Maps is to visualize whatever data has been selected for display.

For the Heat Map image on the right, Oil wells, Excluding Abandoned wells, for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have been selected using the “Select Wells By” filters, selecting 128 thousand wells.

Satellite Imagery (top right button on the map) is the most dramatic background.  You can zoom in as far as you wish and pan around at will to gain insight into drilling activity in specific areas.

When zoomed in, multiple completions become apparent in red.

The ideal way to maximize the value of heat maps is to toggle between the “Show Selected” and “Heat Map” buttons in the top left of the map.  In this manner, you will quickly get a gauge for the number wells being visualized by the Heat Map.

* In some cases using Internet Explorer, the Heat Map does not appear.  We are investigating. Chrome and Firefox work reliably.

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