Latest Developments

wellTriever Is Phone Friendly

You can now use wellTriever on your phone.  You can access your Saved Searches, view Well Spot Pop-Ups, and launch Financial Reports as well as IHS Production/Ticket Reports. We have removed the interactive graphs from some reports as they are not suited to phones.

Entering search criteria will be available soon and then we will further fine-tune the look and feel on phones.



Adjustable Well Ticket


Information Categories in our  Adjustable Well Ticket

Experiment with this Well Ticket example by opening and closing information categories so you can customize the “look” of the Well Ticket according to your requirements.

The data that is available on the Adjustable Well Ticket is a function of your company’s subscription to IHS Data.

Heat Maps for Selected Wells

westoilThe primary purpose of Heat Maps is to visualize whatever data has been selected for display.

For the Heat Map image on the right, Oil wells, Excluding Abandoned wells, for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have been selected using the “Select Wells By” filters, selecting 128 thousand wells.

Satellite Imagery (top right button on the map) is the most dramatic background.  You can zoom in as far as you wish and pan around at will to gain insight into drilling activity in specific areas.

When zoomed in, multiple completions become apparent in red.

The ideal way to maximize the value of heat maps is to toggle between the “Show Selected” and “Heat Map” buttons in the top left of the map.  In this manner, you will quickly get a gauge for the number wells being visualized by the Heat Map.

* In some cases using Internet Explorer, the Heat Map does not appear.  We are investigating. Chrome and Firefox work reliably.

Auto-Zoom Speeds Up Searches

BCFlowingGasNow, when you add a ‘Select Wells by’ search filter for Province, Township, NE-SW Corners, or Unique Well Identifier, wellTriever will zoom-in automatically on the area of your search.  The net effect is that selected wells crystallize much faster on the map.  If you pan around and want to get back to the centre of your selected wells, ‘Centre-Map’ will do that for you.

For example, try a ‘Select Wells by’ with a well status of Flowing Gas and then add the province of BC to your search to see all 943 Flowing Gas wells in British Columbia.

Dec 3: Surface Loc. & Multiple Completions


Our Well List is grouped by Surface Location

UWI & Surface Location Background

All wells have both a Surface Location and a Bottom-Hole Location. The Bottom-Hole Location governs the designation of the Unique Well Identifier (UWI) for each well.  Oil & Gas well assets are bought and sold based on UWIs. When wells are “mapped” based on Surface Location, there can be a number of UWIs associated with a single Surface Location. wellTriever’s Well List is grouped by Surface Location (now in the well “Pop-Up”) so that multiple completions (UWIs) in a Surface Location become clearly evident. In the Multiple Completions example, there are six UWIs associated with the single Surface Location:  09-04-001-17W4.


A well Selected in the Well List

wellTriever’s map shows the surface location for all of Canada’s 800,000 Oil & Gas wells. It also lists each well’s UWI. As many of those wells are close enough to other wells that they appear on top of one another on the map, we’ve made some significant improvements to the Well List to deal with Wells on top of Wells. When you’ve selected a 1000 or less wells, the Well List appears on the left hand side of our app and now:

  • The background colour of the Well List is alternately shaded so that UWIs at a single Surface Location stand out.
  • When you click on a well spot on the map, we highlight that well in the Well List so you can immediately see if there are other wells at the same Surface Location.
  • When you click on a well in the Well List, it “pops-up” on the map making the communication between the Well List and the Well Map bilateral, i.e. when you click on one, the other responds.

See Multiple Completions

Nov 12th: Instant Selection

We’ve just enabled instant selection results. As you change your selection criteria on the left hand side of the app the results in the well list and on the map update instantly.

Add another well status to this search and see the well list and map update automatically.

This works well when you are looking at a particular area of the map and want to change the search, but don’t want the map to move.

If you do want to recentre the map to see all the results click the ‘Centre Map’ button.


We’ve also changed when the well list appears.  The list appears once you’ve selected a thousand wells or less.